Date: 28 November 2012

Importer Data Aggregation Integrated with i-Recs

Watson Wheatley has completed the integration of Importer, a data aggregation tool, within its reconciliation system i-Recs, and is shipping this with its latest version of the product. Permissioned users are now able to drag and drop third party reconciliation data files onto the i-Recs desktop to automatically parse and import the embedded data and invoke data validation, reconciliation and work flow routines that are standard within i-Recs.

This close integration also allows the extensive features of Importer to be harnessed directly by i-Recs to prepare exports to clients, custodians or other third parties, or to upload “approved corrections” to in-house systems. The rules engine within i-Recs can now drive the delivery of “reconciliation events” or “cases” either to other users of groups within i-Recs or, for external contacts, through Importer in any format required.

“Our goal of delivering front to back automation of the reconciliation process has moved significantly closer with the release of this new functionality” says director Duncan Wheatley. “Middle office staff can now focus fully on the key areas of break research, remedy and prevention confidently delegating the data retrieval and integrity checks to the system. This provides a marked improvement in operational efficiency a big step towards reducing operational risk.”