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An intuitive, flexible and generic tool providing complete control over the reading and forwarding of data files from prime brokers, custodians and administrators, and the preparation of outbound data for transmission to clients, to management or uploading to other systems.

Importer allows the creation of a file definition containing the layout and content of source or destination data, whether in a database, a text file or Excel files. Any ODBC database can be read from or written to. Any style of text file can be defined, including delimited and fixed format. Complex layouts of source files can be read including header and footer blocks.

Importer maps contain the logic required to translate between a source and a destination definition. Maps contain sequential programming steps including mathematical, string, logical and data reference and lookup functions. At run time data is read from the source using the inbound destination, map steps are sequentially interpreted, and translated data is posted to the destination using the outbound definition.

Maps can be designed and fully tested prior to publishing. Revisions can be applied to published maps, and tested before republishing. All versions are retained by the system providing a complete audit trail.

Maps can be executed using Importer, from within iRecs by reconciliation staff, or automatically based on the receipt of a data file in a specified location or scheduled to run as required. All execution steps are written to a comprehensive audit trail, including skipped rows or user defined warning and error messages.




  • Fast, fully audited data aggregation
  • Read from flat files, spreadsheets or databases
  • Automated imports from local directories or via FTP
  • GUI with drag and drop interface to manipulate data - no more coding!
  • Design, test, publish paradigm; retaining all previous versions for easy roll-back
  • Fully integrated with iRecs to allow complete trace-ability back to the source data
  • Export data from iRecs back to other systems/providers in exactly the format you need


  • Converts source data using range of predefined internal functions.
  • Look up source data against internal reference tables (such as security identifiers)
  • Full data aggregation capability (sum, max, min, first, last, average etc.)
  • Data filtering to extract required data from larger data sets

What our users say.

"I was impressed with the capacity of Importer – we deal with many custodians and various file formats, and Importer now allows each to be presented in a standard format – this is a very powerful attribute"

London Asset Manager

"Having evaluated several reconciliation tools we were impressed by the close fit between iRecs’ functionality and our very specific reconciliation needs and were convinced this was the scalable and flexible reconciliation platform we needed to support a large and diverse business"

London Asset Manager

iRecs gives us a valuable add on to our existing systems, providing a very flexible reconciliation tool which we anticipate will allow us a high level of automation, and replace existing manual processes. The quality of the management reporting suite is also very impressive"

London Asset Manager

"The implementation of iRecs has made a meaningful contribution to our control environment, improving the productivity of reconciliations between internal systems, administrator and counterparties in a cost effective manner. The WWFS team were both pragmatic and helpful throughout the process."

London Hedge Fund

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iRecs is an automated reconciliation system designed to meet the needs of the asset management industry. iRecs matches positions, balances, trades, cash flows and uniquely, P&L between internal systems and external service providers and across all instrument classes.

iRecs is the only system available that completely solves margin accounts reconciliation for listed and OTC derivatives. iRecs also handles full NAV reconciliation accounting for all differences in positions, balances, prices and exchange rates between the internal accounting system and records provided by the custodian or administrator. 

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Nevada is a comprehensive portfolio analytics tool providing aggregation and comparison of prime broker data allowing optimisation and operational insights.

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Award Winners

We strive to make iRecs the best software available and we're thrilled that the industry has consistently recognised our offering.