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Date: 03 May 2023

Tags: partnership

Limina & Watson Wheatley partner to offer highly automated reconciliation to the buy-side

Stockholm & London, May 3rd, 2023

To help more investment managers achieve investment data quality, Limina and Watson Wheatley have partnered. Together, the two firms can offer highly automated reconciliation to the buy-side.

The real-time reconciliation is powered by the ability of both systems to send and receive the following data intraday via APIs:

  • Transaction & trade reconciliation
  • Position recon
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Dividend data confirmation
  • FX

The capabilities are based on a deep integration between the Limina Investment Management Software and Watson Wheatley’s portfolio reconciliation capabilities. The scope of the solution also includes data integrity checks, such as checking whether cash flows validate changes in cash balances.

The integration is live with the first client, processing thousands of records per day for the first couple of weeks.

“The partnership between Watson Wheatley and Limina enables investment managers to run comprehensive trade and cash reconciliation checks frequently at scale, ultimately leading to increased confidence in the data used for investment decisions - without consuming operational resources. Being a fully integrated solution, this partnership enables mutual clients to be up and running quickly and hence is an excellent alternative for investment managers looking for a more agile operational model.”, said Kristoffer Fürst, CEO Limina.

“We welcome the partnership with Limina as part of our global growth strategy as there are a lot of synergies between the two firms. The client feedback from our initial implementation with Limina has been extremely positive and we are happy to partner with a firm that has both a solid focus on customer service and a desire to expand. We look forward to working on more mutual client projects soon to combine the capabilities of Limina IMS with our iRecs reconciliation solution”, said Tom Wheatley, COO Watson Wheatley.

About Limina 

Limina was founded by investment management professionals who saw an opportunity to help investment firms not just cope with change, but to embrace it. We believe a modern open platform designed for holistic workflows with sufficient flexibility - as opposed to closed, rigid and fragmented solutions – is the key to helping investment managers get back into the driving seat from a technology and operating model perspective. Headquartered in Stockholm and founded in Sweden (well, sort of - read our founding story!), our Swedish heritage is one that influences our culture deeply, with core values such as openness, collaboration, and humility being at the heart of everything we do. Having been on the client-side ourselves, we know how valuable it is to have a trusted partner who understands you, and that is what we aspire to be for each of our clients. 

About Watson Wheatley 

Watson Wheatley was founded in 2007 to solve reconciliation complexities in buy-side firms and bring much needed reconciliation expertise to the FinTech space. The iRecs reconciliation tool was originally built for one of the largest hedge funds in Europe and offers a highly automated solution for reconciling even the most complex instruments. The system offers a fully integrated and best practice reconciliation approach which solves balance and position differences using the underlying transaction data. Watson Wheatley has since expanded its product range to cover data aggregation and portfolio analytics, launching its Nevada solution in 2022. With extensive experience in the financial markets and a reputation for excellent customer service, Watson Wheatley is regarded as the premier provider of reconciliation, data aggregation and portfolio analytics solutions for asset managers.