Date: 28 November 2012

Watson Wheatley Releases i-Recs 1.2 Reconciliation Software

Watson Wheatley Financial Systems (WWFS) today announced the release of i-Recs version 1.2 which marks a major step forward in automated portfolio reconciliation. Benefits of the latest i-Recs update include enhanced reporting, a fully customisable user interface and improved data export.

“The new functionality derives from a close collaboration with our clients. They are intensive users of our applications, importing, validating and matching thousands of transactions and balances on a daily basis and feeding adjustments back to internal systems or service providers.” says WWFS Director Duncan Wheatley. “These are expert users and their guidance has proven invaluable to us in setting design priorities to achieve greater levels of automation and accuracy.”

About i-Recs
i-Recs is a powerful reconciliation tool enabling matching of positions, balances, trades, cash flows and P&L between internal accounting systems and external service providers across all instrument classes. i-Recs completely solves margin account reconciliation for listed and OTC derivatives. i-Recs also handles full NAV reconciliation accounting for all differences in positions, balances, prices and exchange rates. i-Recs connects to a number of portfolio accounting systems and all of the main custodians, prime brokers and administrators.